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The mission of the Texas Public Safety Broadband Program (TxPSBP) Learning Management System is to provide information and education on the future of the dedicated public safety broadband network and FirstNet. Public safety entities are strongly encouraged to provide information for planning this new network. Thus, this learning management portal also offers practical tutorials on how to use the systems involved in collecting mobile data needs from all potential users.

Our eLearning site has been developed in conjunction with TxPSBP and the Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) Knowledge Engineering Center. All courses are free and self-paced. Courses can be started, stopped and resumed at any time without losing your place.

Some of the courses also offer CE credit for Texas Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS disciplines. All courses can also be taken in information-only format.


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Introduction to Texas Public Safety Broadband course

Mobile Data Survey course

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For questions or comments about the TxPSBP Learning Management System or the program as a whole, please email LTEoutreach@dps.texas.gov.

We welcome learners from other states, the private sector and the general public to take our courses and understand more about the future of public safety communications.

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